Sunday, May 16, 2010

Joy and healing through movement in Philly

Toni Bergins lead two JourneyDance™ sessions in Philadelphia this weekend. People came all the way from DC and NYC to be part of this experience. I have attended Toni’s classes for two years and notice that Toni is adding new dimensions to her unique yoga derived dance sessions that balance the chakras.

Influenced by many teachers such as Vinn Marti, Toni teaches skills that students pick up naturally in just one session. The essence of these skills is authentic movement that inspires other students to move with their natural energies.

In the workshop on Saturday, Toni added touch as a dimension that I had not experienced before. Touching has nurturing properties that calm the mind, it is also a rich exchange of information that opens up the senses. Towards the end, the group had created a beautiful energy. It was at this point that Toni added the element of touch. It felt incredible, like we were creating a piece of art.

Personally, this practice opened me up to forgotten levels of my inner self and the ability to communicate and have a deep experience with others. It is no surprise to me that JourneyDance™ sessions such as the one at Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia have unique healing properties that create a sense of community and wellbeing.