Monday, March 8, 2010

Quieting Your Mind with Journey Dance

On a given day, the average person spends much of their attention in their mind with way too little attention directed to the body and to the soul. Our mind and egos are so powerful that they often make us see reality as a substantially distorted reflection.

This is a sign of our times and many of us seek to change this imbalance by practicing mindfulness, meditation and yoga. Other sports such as running, walking, or team sports can be powerful as well. The only catch is that if you get overly competitive over a prolonged period of time then your ego takes charge again.

Why should you care about Journey Dance? Your ego is so powerful that it will convince you and try to convince others of distorted realities. However when you dance, the ego has to surrender to the body and your soul. This may be uncomfortable for many, but it is an extremely powerful way of expressing and processing what is really going on in your life. And it's not about how "good" of a dancer you are. The only currency is that you bring your authentic self. It is quite natural actually, although it may feel a bit rusty at first.

Where can you attend a Journey Dance event? I attended a Journey Dance event at the Elkins Estate in Philadelphia last Friday. The Journey Dance founder, the talented Toni Bergins, took 75 people through an empowering journey. She made me feel extremely comfortable in sharing inner and outer spaces through dance and music. I loved that we peaked on "Break on Through" by the Doors. I actually felt like I was at a rock concert. The event was a great success and all 75 attendees were certified rock stars by the end of the night.

Toni travels nationally and internationally to host Journey Dance events, teacher trainings and dance related workshops. She will be back in Philadelphia on May 14th and 15th at Dhyana Yoga studio. Mark your calendar so that you can experience this great event and become rock stars, too.

What do you think about using movement/dance to reach a content state?
What do you to quiet the mind?

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