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Carl Jung on Kundalini : Lecture 3, October 26, 1932

Purusa or “the essence of man” symbolizes that we are all primordial beings with infinite powers. Purusa becomes first visible in the anahatha chakra. Jung finds that as a society, the west has reached anahatha. Our civilization has overcome the manipura (solarplexus) which was prevalent during the old Greeks in the Homeric time.

The first five chakras symbolize transformation from earth to ether. The first chakra is symbolized by the elephant, the second by the levitian or makara (water elephant). This is where the conscious world ends. In the third chakra or manipura, the elephant transforms into a new form, the ram. No longer a insurmountable power, rather a sacrificial animal. Learning that you have overcome the worst danger when you are aware of you fundamental desires and passions.

In the heart chakra, the ram (elephant) transforms into a gazelle. Continuation the transformation of the original force and like the ram, living on the surface of the earth. It is not offensive, rather shy and illusive. It can vanish in no time. This transformation is us. When the psyche manifests in reality it appears usually against us. When we need to do things that are really important, we often feel something demoniacal, something that steers us away from this action. For example, just saying the wrong thing at important crossroads, words are turned in our mouth.

The transition to the psychological chakras (anahatha and up) chakra is difficult because the consciousness of self ends and higher consciousness begins. It’s unlearning what was important in the conscious world, since it is a hindrance now. It is the realization of the world as your story. People will now reflect like mirrors as a fabric of your subjective experience.

In visuddha, the elephant appears again, however not supported by the earth but by volatile human thoughts, united by the concept of energy.

Jung argues that as a society we have made to the anahatha so we can see the visuddha but have not yet arrived as a society. Speaking of the next chakra therefore becomes more abstract. The symbol for Ajna is linga. The ego disappears completely and the experience is a full blazing white light. In shahasrara there is no experience. It is dormant, one, and … nirvana.

As long as you live you are naturally in muladhara, you go about this world, be conscious and let the gods sleep. However you journey through the chakras and although it appears as if you are moving up and down, you do not return. It is an illusion because you have left something of yourself in unconsciousness. Nobody touches the unconsciousness without leaving something of themselves there. Forgetting oppressing it will no longer make you whole.

There is no return after reaching a higher chakra. Part of you can split off, but the farther you have reached, the more expensive is the return.

Reaching a higher chakra includes all the lower chakras. Reaching the ajna center, the state of complete consciousness (not self-consciousness) is a realization that everything is you. Every tree stone, breath there is nothing that is not your true self.

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