Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jung & Kundalini Conclusions

Jung was ahead of his time by recognizing the psychological value of the chakra symbols in Kundalini and had the courage (heart chakra) to broadcast it to the world.

I strongly resonate with Jungs emphasis that we are primordial beings with extra-ordinary powers, as a society we have an opportunity to learn to embrace that even more than we are already doing today.

Avatar (2009) has the best all time box office ratings of any movie ever made (over $2 billion dollars world wide). It would be an understatement to say that western beings on this planet only mildly resonate with archetypes, primordial beings and a rich inner fantasy world.

Kundalini means awareness. Kundalini yoga is a set of techniques that help awaken you awareness and take you to your original self.

Moving through the chakras is not a race to the top, even though it may appear like that. In karate, a person's level starts with the white belt, through progression white turns into yellow and eventually into the black belt. However the fabric of the black belt, over time, will lose its black stain and turn back into white. You can look at this as going from the muladhara (root) to the ajna (crown) but energy then floats back to the root. It is simply to flow of life that is circular in motion. Just like water that evaporates into the clouds and eventually comes back to the sea. Just like the aftermath of a carefully build up climax that returns back to earth, etc.

It doesn't really matter what your starting point is, you are always part of the flow. And we all get stuck (individual/society), the key is to find ways to move energy through the places that are stuck. When you experience flow, you can feel it and this is called the naad (flow of universal energy or perhaps for us Westerners zeit-geist). Tantric yoga is really about the fabric. When society moves with the naad (flow of universal energy) then the fabric is balanced and strong. When strong, the fabric of society is better equipped to face challenges and external forces.

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